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Soft Toys

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Coloured Lying down dogs 
Coloured Lying down dogs Part No.027-ST
Brightly coloured lying down dogs. They will come mixed in a bag if buying 10 or more. Prices start from 90p Measure approx 8" Suitable for under 3years.
  (027-ST) More...  
Natural coloured Lying down dogs 
Natural coloured Lying down dogs Part No.026-ST
Natural coloured lying down dogs They will come mixed in a bag if buying 10 or more. Prices start from 90p They measure approx 8"
  (026-ST) More...  
Giraffe Part No.219-ST
Giraffe Soft Toy,  With Giraffe Pattern and a Tail   SIZE  Height   16cm Width  13cm
  (219-ST) More...  
Polar Bear 
Polar Bear Part No.223-ST
Polar Bear White Fur, Plastic Eyes And Nose   SIZE  Height   15cm Width  14cm
  (223-ST) More...  
Football Bulldog And Lion 
Football Bulldog And Lion Part No.225-ST
Football Bulldog And Lion Wearing England Football Tops,    SIZE  Height   17cm Width  9cm
  (225-ST) More...  
Ants Part No.226-ST
Ants Soft Toys,  Five Different Colours and Designs,  They Each Come With A Hook On Thier Head To Hang Them Up,    SIZE  Height  24cm Width  14cm
  (226-ST) More...  
Clown Fish 
Clown Fish Part No.031-ST
Orange Clown Fish Soft Toy With Hook   SIZE Height  12cm Width  27cm
  (031-ST) More...  
Gorilla Part No.Gorilla-ST
A Fantastic looking gorilla soft toy which is 6.5"
  (Gorilla-ST) More...  
Ring Doughnuts 
Ring Doughnuts Part No.211-ST
Doughnut Soft Toys,  Ring Doughnuts With Various Toppings,   They Come With Hooks To Hang Them Up,    SIZE   5"
  (211-ST) More...  
Pink Rabbit 
Pink Rabbit Part No.220-ST
Pink Fluffy rabbit With a Purple Fleece Bow Tie And A Soft Pink Nose   SIZE  Heigh  30cm Width  12cm
  (220-ST) More...  
Scruffy Dog 
Scruffy Dog Part No.221-ST
Scruffy Dog,  Sitting Down,  Light Brown Fur With A Purple RIbbon Bow,    SIZE  Height  16cm  Width  7cm 
  (221-ST) More...  
Mermaid Soft Toy 
Mermaid Soft Toy Part No.125-ST
Mermaid Soft Toy,  Metalic Scales Efftct, Three Different Assorted Colours,  They Come With Hooks to Hang,    HEIGHT  33cm/ 13" WIDTH 11cm / 4.5" 
  (125-ST) More...  
Huskey Dog With Bandana 
Huskey Dog With Bandana Part No.136HUSKEY
A lovely soft toy husky with bandana
  (136HUSKEY) More...  
Coloured Bear 
Coloured Bear Part No.168-ST
A lovely coloured bear with bow on the neck detail, available in 4 different colours. purple, pink, yellow and blue.  
  (168-ST) More...  
Pirate Squid 
Pirate Squid Part No.SQUID-ST
Pirate Squid Soft Toy Assorted Colours  
  (SQUID-ST) More...  
Fruit Soft toy 
Fruit Soft toy Part No.50-ST
A great selection of fruit soft toys...we have strawberry, watermelon, pineapple, apple  and grapes!! They are a really good size @ 15cm each!!  
  (50-ST) More...  
Lying Down Puppy Dog 
Lying Down Puppy Dog Part No.179-ST
Small Soft Lying Down Dogs,  Three Different Colours,  Height 11cm  Width 22cm 
  (179-ST) More...  
Royal Blue Tang Fish 
Royal Blue Tang Fish Part No.083-ST
Royal Blue Tang Fish Soft toy With Hook   SIZE  Height  14cm Width  23cm
  (083-ST) More...  
Red Heart Bear 
Red Heart Bear Part No.REDHEARTBEAR-ST
A lovely bear with a red heart, comes mixed in a case of red, white and black!!!
Dolphins Part No.092-ST
Dolphins,  Three Different Colours,  Silver, Pink And Blue
  (092-ST) More...  
Animal Masks 
Animal Masks Part No.MASK-ST
A lovely collection of animal masks, there is an elephant, mouse, pig & bear.
  (MASK-ST) More...  
Seahorse Soft Toy 
Seahorse Soft Toy Part No.123-ST
Seahorse Soft Toy,  Mixed Bags Of Three Different Colours, Pink, Yellow & Blue,  They Come With Hooks On their Heads To Hang them Up,    SIZE  Height 25cm Width  12cm
  (123-ST) More...  
Coloured Bear with Tummy!! 
Coloured Bear with Tummy!! Part No.098-ST
Available in different colours. Comes mixed in a bag of colours if buying 10 or more. Prices start from 90p
  (098-ST) More...  
Lying Down Unicorn 
Lying Down Unicorn Part No.82/215-ST
Lying Down Unicorn Three Different Colours with a Slight Sparkle,  Light Pink, Pink And Blue They Also Have Hooks To Hang Them UP,    SIZE  Lenght  23cm Width  12cm    
  (82/215-ST) More...  
High Mink Heart Bear 
High Mink Heart Bear Part No.110-ST
High Mink Heart Bear Two Different Colours,  Holding Red Hearts, Come With Hooks To Hang   SIZE  Height  16cm Width  14cm
  (110-ST) More...  
Penguin With Scalf 
Penguin With Scalf Part No.270-ST
Penguins, Two Colours, Black and Grey Both Wearing Scalfs   Height – 23cm Width – 15cm
  (270-ST) More...  
Soft Heart Bears 
Soft Heart Bears Part No.232-ST
Soft Heart Bears Four Different Colours,  Pink, Purple, Brown & White  Holding pink Love Hearts,    SIZE  Height  19cm
  (232-ST) More...  
Safari Mix 
Safari Mix Part No.266S-ST
Safari Soft Toy Mix,  Four Different Safari Animals,  They Each Come With Hooks To Hang Them,    SIZE Height  29cm Width  11cm    
  (266S-ST) More...  
Grey High Mink Bear 
Grey High Mink Bear Part No.109-ST
Grey High Mink Heart Bear Holding Either Red or Blue Heart Each Have Hooks to Hang Up   SIZE  Height  16cm Width  14cm
  (109-ST) More...  
Farmyard Animals 
Farmyard Animals Part No.067-ST
Farm Yard Animals Soft Toys Frog, Cow, Dog, Pig, Cat & Duck   
  (067-ST) More...  
Alien Soft toy 20cm 
Alien Soft toy 20cm Part No.093-ST
An alien soft toy, 4 different colours mixed in a case when buying larger quantitys. Prices start from 90p Blue, green, purple and light blue
  (093-ST) More...  
Polar Bear 
Polar Bear Part No.058-ST
A lovely soft toy polar bear with red scarf...
  (058-ST) More...  
8" Emoji POO soft toy 
8" Emoji POO soft toy Part No.090-ST
A box of POO emoji 8" approx. Prices start from £1.00
  (090-ST) More...  
Huskey Dog 
Huskey Dog Part No.210-ST
Huskey Dog,  Grey and white With Blue Glitter Eyes,    SIZE Height  19cm Width  10cm
  (210-ST) More...  
Flower Unicorn Size 1 
Flower Unicorn Size 1 Part No.261-ST
Flower Unicorn Size 1 Three Different Colours, Purple, Bright Pink and Baby Pink,  They Have Sparkly Horns and A Furry Tail   SIZE  Height  17cm  7" Width  9cm  3.5"
  (261-ST) More...  
8" Emoji soft toy 
8" Emoji soft toy Part No.089-ST
An emoji 8" soft toy. There are 7 designs, which come mixed in a bag if buying 10 or more.
  (089-ST) More...  
Small Pug Dog 
Small Pug Dog Part No.137-ST
Small Pug soft toy, measures approx 18cm in height. Also available in medium and small.
  (137-ST) More...  
Chihuahua Dog 
Chihuahua Dog Part No.275-ST
Chihuahua Dog With Big Gold Glitter Eyes Rainbow Fur Around The Neck, Two Big Ears And A Little Tail,    SIZE  Height  14cm  Width  10cm
  (275-ST) More...  
Rattle Snake 
Rattle Snake Part No.248-ST
Rattle Snake Black And Brown Pattern Snake With A Brown End Which Has A Rattle Inside Pink Open Mouth And A Red Tongue   SIZE  Lengh  100cm
  (248-ST) More...  
Big Eyed Monkey 
Big Eyed Monkey Part No.230-ST
Big Eyed Monkey,  Monkeys Wearing Jumpers With A Moustache Design on The Front Four Different Colours, Come With Hooks To Hang Them Up   SIZE  Height  30cm  
  (230-ST) More...  
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